Monday, October 10, 2016

Tomahawk the minimalist


 "Never carry more than you can carry on your back at a dead run"

~Macaroni Jack

I was going over my gear to realize that I am a minimalist. I have about  40 to 50 items (I never actually counted) of clothing and equipment, that I carry around the world. These include electronics, a wardrobe and outdoor / wilderness survival / gear.

To break it all down, I separated it into the 3 categories I mentioned above;

1. Electronics - Dell laptop, iphone4, 2 Nokia cameras w/chargers, 1 blue tooth speaker, 1 one Terabyte external hard drive. Sure fire flashlight, 3 panel solar charger for camera and phone.

2. Wardrobe - 1 Pair of new balance hiking shoes, 1 pair flip flops, 4 pair of smartwool socks, 4 pair of boxers, 3 T shirts, 2 short sleeve button down shirts, 1 long sleeve. 1 light jacket. 1 touque, 1 pair of gloves. 6 handkerchiefs. 1 ball cap, sunglasses , reading glasses. Patagonia shorts, 2 pair of carharrt pants

3. Camping/survival gear - Crazy creek chair, 10x10 tarp, hammock, poncho liner, parachute cloth,
2 insulated water bottles, match safe, ferro rod, 1 swiss army knife, 1 coffee tumbler, sewing kit. Toiletries kit(tooth brush, soap ,razors etc.) 1 army spoon, 1 metal bowl. 1 Blackhawk "3 day" pack and a medium sized northface river duffle.

All of these items fit easily into my river duffle if necessary. Being a full time traveler I never accumulate many possessions or travel with things I can buy locally like towels, foods, or additional toiletries. I do at times buy things as gifts for friends around the world but mail them off quickly so I dont have to carry them.

Minimalism is a great way to travel and relieves stress and worry. Give it a try you might find that you are happier.

See you on the trail! Tomahawk

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