Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The C.T.-1 (Crow Town) by Jason Hawk and Outlaw forge

 When the world is nothing more than some Nomadic raiders, what kinda blade would they carry?
​Across the wastelands into the burned out slums that make up the new world we journey.Scavengers collect up bits and pieces, remnants of a world gone, and craft a new world from them.The dusty world of Crow Town, This is Their Blade... 

C.T.-1 (Crow Town) Price $450.00

Apocalyptic Second Gen., style.
Blade- Forged 1095 skin textured finish.
Fittings-Patinated worn steel wire.
​Construction- Narrow Tang.
Handle- Blue/Black antler and Leather.
Spent shell .38 casing pin.
Blade length 6 1/2inch.     OAL-12 1/4inch.

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