Monday, September 19, 2016

Stretching a beaver "Plew"

Back in the day my bro-in-law and me were into the mountain man and eastern long hunter reenacting. We attended rendezvous , made our own buckskin clothing, bought period rifles (1750 to 1840 era) etc. We hunted, trapped, tanned our own skins and grew our own tobacco. It was a good time, but eventually we both grew tired of the play acting and ceased to do it. But every once in a while the old feeling comes out. The other day we were talking about Green river knives and my bro-in-law produced 2 GRK knives (see pic) I traded him back in the late 1970s. I was surprised that he had kept them in his "Plunder" all of this time. So, in true mountain man tradition, I traded him a Beaver plew I had in my "Plunder". I simply soaked it in water over night, cut a beech sapling to make a withe ( a slender flexible branch or twig; especially :  one used as a band or line) then stretched the skin on the withe hoop. It was fun and brought back memories and thoughts about future wilderness adventures.

 plew (plu╦É) ,plu or plue(Textiles) (formerly in Canada) a beaver skin used as a standard unit of value in the fur trade.[from Canadian French pelu (adj) hairy, from French poilu, from poil hair, from Latin pilus]

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