Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Mufasa Rouge by Jason Hawk and Outlaw forge

​Mufasa Rouge $1,200.00

(The Lion Hunter)

African Neo-Tribal style.
Blade- forged 5160 antique finish.
​Construction-Hidden Tang.
Handle-Carved Mesquite,
with sealed cord wrap..
Blade length  29inches.    OAL-36 1/2 inches.
Sheath- Mesquite (open style).
African coin, Warthog tusks, embellishments.

Mufasa Rouge- A bush sword, from the African Plains. Mufasa was rumored to be the last King of Kenya before the British took control. After the fall of civilization the tribes rose again, forging scraps from their native land into practical weapons, as they have always done, nothing is ever new in Africa.
Adorned with the trophies of the hunt, and scraps of the world that once was. Mufasa Rouge is ready for battle, cause lets face it a Zombie Lion would be some scary shit!

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