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About Outlaw Forge ; Jason Hawk Bio


About Outlaw Forge ; Jason Hawk Bio


Jason Hawk is passionate about making beautiful functional artwork. He is from a long line of master carvers, and he was taught by his father and grandpa the value of quality craftsmanship.

Jason started making blades in his teens living in Colorado. He got into historical re-enactment and making all of his own clothes and gear for rendezvous and extended treks into the mountains. At 15 Jason became Colorado's youngest licensed big game hunting guide. It was during this time he came to appreciate the functional homespun knives of the frontiers men.

When Jason graduated  he moved to Montana where he studied welding and metal fabrication. He then moved back Colorado where he worked his way up in the restaurant industry to became an executive chef. There he honed out his skills with fine kitchen cutlery.
Starting about 10 years ago Jason started teaching his primative and mountainman skills including blacksmithing to people from around the world.

Another important important part of Joson Hawk's life started about 20 years ago when he discovered Fillipino martial arts. Master Chris Petrilli taught Jason to not only be  deadly with his hands but he taught Jason the lethal art of knives, stick fighting and improvised weapons.

About 8 years ago Jason met the love of his life, Mary.  This tough country girl lived in a cave with  her family as a little girl before moving to the their current homestead. Jason was born in rural Arkansas, so when this hill-billy met his cave girl it was pure magic. Finally someone just as twisted as him. Mary is good with a knife, loves to butcher goats and chickens, loves to harvest and preserve food, loves to garden and get her hands dirty, and is rather crafty. She makes mesquite furniture, jewelry, soap, lotion, and herbal preparations. Mary recently decided to become Jason's shop slave and learn the art of knife making and leather working.

In the last handful of years Jason has been working with the History Channel resulting in one season of No Man's Land (a desert version of Mountain Men). This last year Jason and his family spent the winter up in the mountains of NW Arkansas filming for the 5th season of Mountain Men. The large and lethal population of wild hogs provided him with a unique testing ground for his combat knives. Knife hunting hogs was a dangerous and fast paced means to put some delicious pork on the table.
Jason Hawk has spent his life making and using knives. From guiding, hunting, butchering, and living remote, to slicing and dicing in high scale restaurants, to the study and application of the martial arts, Jason has dedicated his skills and passion to the persuit of perfect blades (for who could choose just one).

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