Sunday, July 31, 2016

Life in the raw

Im often asked why I choose to live life "in the raw" in remote places or 3rd world countries...Well, To borrow a few words from "Magnum PI"; "When counting the assets of a paradise, you have to start with geographical and bio diversity". Take the Sonoran desert for instance; a few miles miles in any direction and you've been to the hills of Montana, a tropical jungle in the Philippines, the ranches of Texas, or even the Moon from the beginning of time. its Impressive. I like the idea of living in such a place.

What I don't like (now) are the narrow minded and PC people who seem to have swarmed this area in my absence. In addition ,I dont like or understand, the crazy cost of living here and in Mexico, or anywhere in Latin America for that matter. What happened to having a good time, living cheap  ,relaxing, and just being part of the ecosystem called America. I am afraid we as a people have morphed into something I no longer recognize. It is sad indeed.

So,as therapy for myelf, im going to sit cross legged on the ground in front of the fire "indian style", relax, reconnect with nature, then go to town, be as NON PC as I can be. Sometimes you just need to just get out of the woods, chase girls, get drunk, get into a fight, eat good food, speak a different language, drive a long ways ,and piss off border guards on both sides of the fence. Then, maybe, ill take a hike in the hills and journey to the "moon".


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