Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Discovery Channel pettiness

Ok, A friend was looking at the Dude You're Screwed page on Face Book. He informed me that with the exception of group photos, I have been completely deleted from the page. And, they have apparently deleted my bio from the discovery channel DYS website. -

Face Book link:

I decided to take a look for myself and discovered he was correct ,With one notable exception. A comment by Jerry Foshee on face Book . Thanks for the props bro, much appreciated.

I apparently touched a nerve with my honesty and opinions, For the network Fags at dick-scovery to intentionally try to further remove me from being on the show.What truly amazes me about this move by DC is that they still feature 2 individuals who were fired because they lied bout their credentials and experiences to be on Dual survival ,and 1 guy who was fired for an argument. But, me? I was deleted from the show I did as much as possible because I simply spoke the truth and asked questions.

It truly makes me wonder about the sanity of the people running this network. If lying, dishonesty,contrived drama, and ignorance are normal to these people.  That, is a scary thought. What is worse, the viewing audience is encouraged to believe the complete bull shit they put out.

Their pettiness and immaturity and lack of respect for anyone who has values, real skills and experience, never ceases to surprise me.

Jerry Foshees comment:

Discovery channel Needs to re-think on Thomas. No matter what/who is added... you're still down a big step. Once in a while on a TV show, any TV show, you find someone with 'it'. Someone a little mysterious, yet seems to know the secrets of the universe somehow.
Someone who you are wanting to see more of.

Thomas D Moore was that guy! Terry I was familiar with. He's SF, & has been seen in quite a few things & I've always liked him. John (the Brit) I had heard a lot about, and his survival skill/trng. Jake is a straight up character, and if you weren't curious enough about him after 'Top Shot' I've got to wonder about you.

And Matt. Whoever not only runs like that, but seems to WANT to... Man o' man. But Tomahawk Tom. Season 2 without Tom makes ZERO sense. Period. I don't know what led up to this decision, but someone wasn't apparently aware of what a resource they had with him.
Sorry if this is a bit of a rant. 

But that's how much I do NOT understand this move. Everyone on Season 1 has my respect. Everyone I know on the other hand, wants Tom back.

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