Saturday, January 23, 2016

5 reasons to carry Whisky in your pack by "The outbound collective"

I totally agree with this article on the page "The outbound collective". I have used whisky or other types of spirits in all of the applications mentioned in the story text. In fact I often "issue" myself a Gil of whisky (or 2) per day on long treks. The gil is a unit of measurement for volume equal to a quarter of a pint. And was the standard issue ration for whisky or other spirits in the US Army for many years.

This article brought back some memories for sure, but one that sticks out is when Many years ago, while camped for the winter on the family farm in central Illinois, there was a severe cold spell. Me and my dog Hunter were next to the roaring wood stove inside my sheep herders tent, which I had set up in a "holler".The temps were around zero or in the negative digets and much colder in the wind.  I heard a truck pull up and it was My nephew. He showed up with a bottle of Crown Royal, now keep in mind how cold it was. He sat the booze on the chopping block, and came inside the tent to warm up. We sat around for quite a while and forgot about the whisky. Anyway, long story short, we eventually remembered the booze and went out side in the sub zero temps and cracked open the bottle. I can still remember that long pull on the whisky bottle at -7 F. It was cold and smooth as silk going down. We stood there in the dark and cold, staring at the clear sky and the stars. sharing that bottle of booze. It is a good memory for both of us.

Check out the article at the link I have provided. Im sure you can find a few good reasons to pack along you favorite libation on your next wilderness trek .

As W.C. Fields once said "Always carry a flagon of whisky in case of snakebite. Moreover, always carry a small snake"

See you on the trail!


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