Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tomahawks 1st hangover breakfast in Colombia - Caldo de Costilla

So, the other day I got a wild hair and took off for Colombia. Being back in the USA for very long tends to get on my nerves pretty quickly. I flew out of Tucson to Dallas, then caught the flight to Bogota. It was not a bad journey. Aside from the 8+ hours of layover time, almost enjoyable.

I spent my first night walking around , sampling street foods and scoping out the countless hot ladies this country seems to produce. There must be something in the water here. And, in keeping with tradition, I managed to score some pussy on my first night in country.

After walking around for a bit, I bought some roasted chicken and empanadas, and grazed those while downing several beers. Of course, I had to top off the evening with a few shots of whisky. This morning I have a fairly decent hangover due to the booze and being a bit dehydrated from the plane trip. I went out and bought some Caldo ds Costills - beef ribs and potatoes in broth. It is about as good - if not better than menudo in Mexico for a hangover.

Ill have more info to follow down the road.
See you on the trail!



  1. I wished I could do something as spontaneous as the stuff you do. So have a good time for me, and live it up like you own the place. Keep your blades sharp and yer powder hidden.


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