Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pong tear and Balut

Pong tear and Balut are essentially the same thing. 10 or 14 day old chicken(in Cambodia), duck (in the Philippines) embryos hard boiled in the shell. In Cambodia, pong tear is cooked with lime leaf and served with a drizzle of lime juice,salt and campote black pepper. Im not really sure how the filipinos prepare Balut. I do know that it can only be found at night.

I have eaten both to be cordial at family parties or weddings etc. I usually have to have a good bourbon buzz on before consuming. I must admit. The Cambodian version is not as appealing as Balut in the PI. Mostly , it is the smell that gets me. Douse it with vinegar , close your eyes and eat. I like the Cambodia lime juice and black pepper additive. That combo makes the pong tear a little more edible.

When I'm around my friends in either country I don't want to look like a pussy so Ill hammer one or two down, just to save face. I need several San Miguel or Anchor beers to wash the taste out of my mouth. If you ever find yourself in Asia staring at a bowl of this delicacy, don't hesitate to give it a try.  Who knows?, you might like it.


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