Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Yate Alba,and sail boat Polaris in Chile

Yate Alba,and sail boat Polaris in Chile

I was in Chile a few months ago and decided to take a boat journy to the south part of this pretty country. I hooked up with Captain Alessandro Dezerega of the Yacht Alba, and his frined Captain Tomas Montt of the Sail boat Polaris.
it was a great trip, I was assigned a birth in the bow of the Alba and we set sail in the early hours of the morning. The sound of the waves breaking on the bow woke me up , so, I wandered around the boat for a while and was invited to the bridge by Captain Alec for a cup of coffee. From the bridge I could see a very beautiful scene coming into the light of dawn. Chile is perhaps the prettiest place I have ever seen.

Captain Tomas met us about 12 hours later with the polaris and we tied up together, to swap lies , have dinner and generally have a good time.

You can reach the Captain of the Alba at ;, and Im sure Alec will know how to get in touch with Tomas. Both Boats are beautiful and comfortable. The cook on the Alba made some of the tastiest gourmet meals I have ever eaten. There was plenty of booze, coffee, and company. All in all , it was a good trip and one that I would like to do again.

Tomahawk – Scouts Out!

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