Friday, April 11, 2014

Jason Hawk Tactical knife

My good friend and fellow Arizona Pimp, Jason Hawk  "star" of the hit TV series "No mans Land", is making these Tactical blades he calls "resistance field ops blades". They are made of old saw blades, Have nails for rivets, and old nylon belted tire for handles. He Putting the practical back in tactical.

Totally "tacticool" and well worth the price. Jason is a well known blade smith , and knows how to make a decent blade. Drop me a line at and Ill get you hooked up with jason.

Tomahawk - Scouts Out!

Tomahawk scouts in Cambodia

Recently, the Tomahawk scout course ran a class in Cambodia, We incorporated the Local shooting range into the program and were able to fire B-40 rockets, M$ carbines, AK-47s and Russkie machine guns as part of the class. I was fun and a good time was had by all.

If interested, drop me a line and Ill give you the 411 on taking either a live, or online TS course.

Tomahawk - Scouts Out!

Tomahawk in Nepal

 I just want to let all of you cats and kittens know Im currently in Nepal and can get you any type of Kukuri Knife you like. Prices range from 20 to 60 bucks for the blades , shipping is 40+, I might be able to negotiate for the cost of the blades but cant do anything about shipping. Hit me up at in interested.

Tomahawk - Scouts Out!

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