Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Olson Iron works Rail Road spike Knife

Folks, head on over to http://www.olsonironworks.com/ and order your RR spike knife Jeff AKA "The big O" designed for the goat fuck tv show dude youre screwed. Jeff known his shit when it comes to making blades.

Tomahawk - Scouts Out!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Tomahawks Cebu Underground tour

Tomahawk tours is proud to announce the  Cebu Underground tour in Cebu, Philippines. I have line up some pretty adventurous things to do. We will be visiting the local gun makers, blacksmiths, knife shop, the largest market in Cebu, visit historic sites, spend a day at the range shooting locally made fire arms and air rifles. We will also have an Aeta elder on hand for one on one instruction in jungle survival on out overnight jungle trek.

You can book it at this link http://www.advlo.com/adventures/cebu-underground-tour

Tomahawk and his scallywag piratical friend look forward to seeing you there for the adventure!

Tomahawk ,

Scouts out!

Tomahawks new Book

Folks, I just want to introduce my new book on Survival. Inspired by the last Apache scouts in the U.S. Army. I wrote it mostly in my head while camping and practicing survival skills in the Huachuca and Dragoon mountains.

This is a print on demand book, and thus far has sold copies all over the world.

Please feel free to check it out. The royalties are going to send the mountain of outdoor gear I have for the Aeta in the Philippines.

I also have a limited run of the crossed arrow /USS scout patches. $7.00 each ,free shipping, Paypal only. please feel free to contact me directly as pathfindertom@gmail.com


Thanks and see you on the trail.

Scouts Out!


Saturday, September 20, 2014

FREE EBOOK from Jeff Olson

Check it out! get your free ebook "Contractor secrets revealed" from none other then Jeffrey M. Olson, the 2nd most snaggle toothed, piratical, bacon chawin, sumbidge to walk the walk....


You will enjoy this FREE BOOK.

Tomahawk, Scouts Out!

Tomahawk scout Classes in Arizona, Georgia and Florida

I just want to throw this out there for any of you folks interested. Ill be teaching a survival class at 3 different Venues in November and December. The first class is in Arizona, followed by a class in Georgia(Near Ft. Benning) , and lastly near Port Saint Lucie, Flordia.

If interested you can contact me directly on Face Book at; https://www.facebook.com/thomas.d.moore.12 or by email at; pathfindertom@gmail.com

I can fill you in with the details .

See you on the Trail!


Tomahawk Scout Field Manual

Folks, Im almost ready to release new Tomahawk Scout Field manual. I only need to edit some pictures and add the dedication then it will be ready to send off to the publishers. I have sent it to select survival practitioners around the world for ideas and improvements. The final Draft will have 140 + pages of survival and Apache field craft skills.

I have attached below the perface to the book. Hit me up if interested.

Tomahawk, Scouts Out!


Apaches are known to have produced some of the best scouts, warriors, survivalists, and hunters from western civilization. Apache culture and history lives on, and anyone that can take part in learning about their legendary skill sets are encouraged to do so.The scouts trained their own scouts in an intense process that lasted over ten years. Young children within the clan would be closely observed by current scouts and elders. Those who showed promise in skills—such as awareness, tracking , hunting, physical fitness, and selflessness,would be selected to undergo the training .

Training included advanced techniques of camouflage and invisibility as well as of observation and stalking. The scouts became masters of wilderness survival, excelling beyond the skills of the lay clansmen. This was necessary, for they often had to leave the clan for extended periods of time with nothing but a  loincloth and a knife.

The scouts were taught a complex system of tracking, utilizing miniature topographic features within each footprint. These features could tell the trackers anything from the speed at which the quarry was moving, to the direction the quarry was looking. In the pages of this book You will learn, fundamental skills tracking, fire making, shelters, camp selection,  acquiring and purifying water etc.

Some of the skills are old school, but a few of the things you will learn, such as shelters and gear, have been modified to fit today’s technology. These tricks and field craft techniques, will need to be practiced in the field to perfect them.

I look forward to seeing you on the trail!

~ Tomahawk, Scouts Out!

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Tracker knife by Jason Hawk - The "Hell Hound" Scout

.Tomahawk Scout school in cooperation with Jason Hawk and the "Hell hound Scouts" is proud to announce the "Hell hound Scout" blade. It is the official knife of the Tomahawk scout courses and school. All of materials for these blades are scrounged, and re-purposed. That is in keeping with the Scout type nature and self reliance of the Hell hound school. Its all hand forged out of a old leaf spring steel. The handle is ATV tire, with nails for rivets. The hammer head is a hammer head.
The drop rig is made out of ww2 surplus, horse halters,mouse pads, and an AK pouch.

I really like the Mad Max meets the Flintstones look of this blade. It is lighter and more functional than the current commercial Tracker blades. Jason is making a limited run of 10 of these blades. They will not be cheap but a hand forged quality blade is worth the price.

It's companion is a modified Mel Deweese. It is Made from a saw blade with tire handles. For more information on these blades and scout classes with the Tomahawk scout or Hell-hound scout schools, contact Jason Hawk at the email posted below.


See you on the trail!

Tomahawk - Scouts Out!

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